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Your vision is the why in your business. For me, Dennis Agalli, incorporating my vision into my business has always been pretty important to me. Why should you have a vision statement for your business?

By focusing your energies through a vision statement, you’ll be able to communicate your message to your team in order to naturally attract people to help you achieve your goal.

From a business perspective, why is having a vision important?

The answer is scale. The ability to bring inspiration to your business is critical if you want it to scale successfully.

Think of yourself as an entrepreneur as the first person to take the baton in a race. The other team members are there to support you and carry on with the next missions in the race.

A good vision for your business should be inspiring, engaging, and forward-thinking.

Creating Your Vision

Creating the right vision for your business can be an enjoyable process and it’s something that you should spend time on. A vision statement reveals at the highest levels what your business hopes to achieve in the long term.

Here is how I developed my business vision as an entrepreneur and some tips to help you define your own vision statement for your company.

Instead of asking how can you create a vision statement that just sounds great, answer this question:

What will my business become in the future?

Dennis Agalli’s Vision: A Vision That Represents My Success in the Future

From the start, it’s important for you to have high expectations for success and plan for it. How you create your business in your vision is how it will turn out ultimately.

In fact, your vision is also the impression that investors and potential employees get when they engage with your brands.

In defining the vision for your business, you should align it to your company’s core values and also make it actionable.

By making your vision inspiring and ambitious enough, it will stand the test of time and lead you far in your entrepreneurial journey.

How did I envision my company in the future? When you decide what matters to you most then your brain will seek it out.

For me, it was my love of pizza, coffee, and hospitality that drove me to want to own my own hospitality business. As I grew up, I started to determine who would shape this vision for my business.

Once I figured out my why, I was able to move on with the plan to figure out just how I was going to get there.

Determine Who Will Help Shape Your Vision

In this sense, you have to be fairly selective on what each person would contribute to the business in order to ensure that your vision statement appeals to them. At this point, not only should you have developed a vision for your business, this vision can now also guide your framework for achieving that vision.

Let’s be honest, it’s not often easy to sum up everything you want to do for the rest of your career in a few moments. However, if you can even just sit and explain it to someone in words and have a long version that they can understand, then you can mold and shape it over time.

For me, being a successful entrepreneur requires that you lead the right way and give back to the ones who need it the most.


With a vision in place you are also then able to achieve published goals which you can share with your intended audience and team members and get their feedback on it.

As they help shape your vision, they will also mold it so that it appeals to others that they think can contribute to the company. This is the essence of Word of Mouth marketing.

And it’s also how your vision helps you scale.

Consider the Potential for the Future When Creating a Roadmap From Your Vision

I was a bit into my career before I became Dennis Agalli, the entrepreneur. However, that was because I was still working on the initial stages of the roadmap for my business.

At this point, having defined my vision for my business, I didn’t worry about what would be impossible for me to achieve.

Instead, I focused on what I could do then. That included working in restaurants, bartending and managing. Then I later worked in the finance industry. That helped me make connections where I needed so that I could learn all of the important aspects of running a business.

Then the next step was to start to bring others on board to help our team achieve it together.

When you have a vision, you’ll have a much clearer idea of the entrepreneurial path that lies ahead for you.

A goal is delivering a vision with exceptional precision.

Find Your Story

The most important thing you should know about creating a vision is that once you have it, you’ll be able to find your story. A great story is genuine and will help your business as it grows. 

Don’t overthink it and time your time in crafting your vision for your entrepreneurial journey

When you have enthusiasm and passion for your business, it makes it that much easier for people to understand your why when you tell your story.

Make sure that you share your vision with others. Then, keep working to refine it until everyone you work with is committed to the vision. 

Only then will you be able to make the right decisions and take actions to start your business on the journey to success. 

Table of Contents

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