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Dennis Donato Agalli

Welcome! My name is Dennis “Donato” Agalli.  Nice to meet you!

I’m Dennis Donato Agalli, entrepreneur, creator, business leader, and motivator. I’m most well-known for my real estate and hospitality businesses in Manhattan, NYC and Miami, Florida.

Throughout my life, I have been supported by many people in my journey to success. Now, I feel that it’s my duty, responsibility, and obligation to use my knowledge and resources to help others in real ways that matter.

How can I help you?

Dennis Donato Agalli has emerged as one of the most influential business leaders in NYC and Miami real estate. Dennis Agalli owns and operates multiple privately held companies and a portfolio of luxury apartments and penthouse properties.

Featured in Forbes Magazine, Agalli is also the founder of the National Affordable Housing Association, an affordable housing real estate solution.


Dennis Agalli is committed to building connections to further the growth & development of his businesses.


Dennis Agalli has successfully hosted multiple fundraising events for politicians & community leaders.

Virtual Conference

Dennis Donato Agalli has appeared on podcasts & virtual events. He is featured in Food Insider, Conversations With Humans Podcast, & more.

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