Dennis Donato Agalli

Greetings, I'm Dennis 'Donato' Agalli.

As an entrepreneur, creator, and business leader, my expertise resides predominantly in the domains of real estate and hospitality, with a footprint spanning Manhattan, NYC, and Miami, Florida.

My journey toward success has been enriched by the unwavering support of many individuals. Now, I perceive it as both my duty and obligation to leverage my acquired knowledge and resources to tangibly assist others, effecting meaningful and substantial change.

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Dennis Donato Agalli is a prominent business leader in the real estate markets of NYC and Miami. He manages several privately-owned companies and a collection of high-end apartments and penthouses.

Highlighted in Forbes Magazine, Agalli is also the founder of the National Affordable Housing Association, aimed at providing solutions for affordable housing in real estate.

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Dennis Donato Agalli, a leading force in hospitality and real estate, drives change by spearheading affordable housing initiatives that positively impact communities, empowering families and transforming lives.