Dennis Agalli on Why Gratitude Is the Key to Happiness

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Gratitude is valued by some of the world’s most wealthiest and successful people for a reason.

It’s the factor that drives much of their philanthropy.

Not only does practicing gratitude help you become more successful, it’s key to achieving true happiness in life. It’s for this specific reason that gratitude is a key tenant of religions and cultures around the world.

But gratitude isn’t just a word.

It’s an action.

Practicing gratitude daily reminds us of the fact that we all have opportunities in life that we can use to help others.

Here is why gratitude is the key to happiness in life and some tips on how to practice gratitude by giving back.

How Practicing Gratitude Changed My Life

I came to the United States from Europe when I was 16 years old, having to learn English at school.

It was a lot of hard work, between juggling the demands of school, my career, family, and relationships, for me to become successful.

However, I believe that being success-oriented while remaining thankful is the mindset that has truly allowed me to achieve The American Dream.

One of the many things that I learned while chasing success is that while pride comes with your professional achievements, often happiness does not.

In fact, that inner peace, contentment, and lasting satisfaction seemed to elude me until I found the answer.

The answer? Practice gratitude.

Give Back Every Day, Not Just During the Holidays

Although many of us think about giving back as the holiday season approaches, the truth is that the needs of others are year round. Everyone has skills that they can use to serve others.

Whether you are great at organizing and planning or simply have some extra time that you can spend to help others, you can really make a difference in the world.

“Do good for the people and it will come back to you 10x fold.”

– Dennis Agalli

I often work with local charities to make donations, volunteer, and use the resources that I have available to me to help others.

This helps me to experience gratitude on a deeper level because I have managed to turn the opportunities that I have been given into opportunities that allow me to give back.

Helping others makes me feel grateful for the life that I enjoy and it also impacts other people in a positive way. Truly, a win-win situation for all involved!

Giving Back Is Easy

Giving back doesn’t have to mean donating lots of money or time. There are many ways to give back that can help people in your community.

Here are just a few:

  • Volunteer at a food bank to give food to hungry people in need
  • Go through your pantry and donate extra food items
  • Go grocery shopping for an elderly or homebound for health reasons person who can’t afford or physically utilize grocery delivery services
  • Become a penpal or write letters to elderly or children who are hospitalized or under hospice care

There are people of all ages and backgrounds who can benefit from your charitable efforts. Consider those in your community who are in need, such as families with children, elderly, homeless, people living below the poverty line, and those serving in the military.

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Practicing Gratitude Helps You Become Happier in Life

Showing thanks and giving back are the rare ingredients that help us to achieve our true potential in life.

Being thankful for the blessings that you have been given in life reminds us that there are people who have not been as fortunate and could use a helping hand.

Not only do others benefit when you give back, you’ll benefit through increased self-esteem and greater overall happiness and fulfillment.

So today, let me say that one of the things that I am grateful for is the opportunity to reflect on my life experiences and hopefully inspire you to start giving back. And I will continue to show gratitude through philanthropy.

Are you ready to be happy?

What are you grateful for?

Starting from today, I encourage you to practice gratitude and lead a happier, more fulfilling life.

Table of Contents

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