Dennis Agalli Launches New Personal Brand

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Dennis Agalli, the Miami-based entrepreneur, real estate investor, and philanthropist, is stepping out from behind his thriving hospitality and real estate businesses for a new personal brand. Agalli launched the brand with a new website and a multi-channel marketing campaign across several social media platforms.

Through his personal brand, Dennis Agalli speaks on his journey to rediscover his mission as a business leader and a philanthropist in a rapidly changing business climate. He is using this opportunity to share what he has learned from losing nearly 90% of his business during the pandemic-era business shutdowns to his comeback and goals for the future. 

Dennis Agalli plans to use all of his personal and professional real-world experiences to make a difference. He is an entrepreneur who has faced a lot of challenges in his life and feels that others can appreciate his perspective.

“My personal brand is a new start for me. It’s a journey I’m taking as a way to prove to myself, not to anyone else, that I’m more resilient than I ever thought,” says Dennis Agalli. “I want to be known for not giving up, even when circumstances around me give me no hope.”

Dennis Agalli is a proven leader and businessman who has business ventures spanning two major U.S. metros – New York, N.Y. and Miami, Fla. Having come to the United States as an immigrant at 16, alone, he managed to turn a humble start into a successful hospitality and real estate empire.

Early in his career, he worked in Global Wealth Management at Merrill Lynch. He has also held positions as a Manager at Chat American and Lusardi’s Restaurant Group, a Private Client Banker at JP Morgan Chase, and Business Owner at Always Thursday. Currently, Agalli is the owner of the multi-million dollar pizza business Rocky’s Pizza Group, Old Country Coffee in Hudson Yards, and real estate companies in New York and Miami, Fla.

In addition to his business ventures, Agalli is also heavily involved in philanthropy. Each year, he does an annual Thanksgiving Pizza Donation to feed 300 people at the NRA Men’s Shelter in New York City. This year, he has taken on a new initiative to help to solve the affordable housing crisis by working with local city officials, policy makers, developers, and contractors.

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Table of Contents

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